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Complete OEM solutions for Point Of Sale and Home Automation


i.MX6 multicore SOM board

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Carrier board

Customized carrier board design

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Android BSP

Customized for embedded applications

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Android App & LIBRARIES

Customizable applications

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About Us

We provide comprehensive solution to get Android powered products in the fields of Point of Sale Automation and Home Automation. Our proposal is directed to manufacturer or system integrators. We cover the full range of layers starting from the CPU board with drivers and system software up to the application software. Our offer includes: support to customize the CPU board drivers to fit specific product needs, design of customized carrier boards, customization and brandization of our application modules.

Portfolio Embedded Applications

We provide basic bricks for building Android embedded solutions as well as design and software development services.

Point of Sale automation

POS Android software running on embedded hardware. The solution icludes mobile app for Waiters and Menu for Customers.

Home automation

We offer customized integration of Ipdoor video doorbell devices in any home automation eco system.